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art by sky
Art by Sky Sky's paintings can be best described as Psychedelic Mother Nature! Celebrating the beauty all around us & within us. Visions of Love to entice you to feeeeeeel joy! Sky found her true love of painting upon moving to California in 1999, now her art work is hanging in homes all over the world. Most days you can find her in her sunny beach studio on the Venice Beach Boardwalk creating & sharing love of nature & fun...... Naturally Sky High!
Brian Mylius

Brian Mylius is the resident artist at 20 Westminster Ave. He has been selling art in Venice for more than a decade and has had shows worldwide.
Audrey McNamara
Born in Denver, Colorado in the summer of 1982, Audrey McNamara showed signs of a talent for art at a very young age. as a child, drawing was pure play for Audrey and she spent many hours up at her drawing table, tool in hand. during her teenage years the artist nonchalantly won school awards and baffled her instructors, but she cared little for school and, as soon as Audrey could leave the confines of formal education, she did. In 2003, Audrey had her first solo art exhibition at Mutiny Now Gallery in Denver. Many more shows were to follow as she tirelessly pursued her path up the ranks of showing her art in bookstores and coffeeshops, and doing menial jobs such as interior painting and technical sketches to pay the way. By the time Audrey was enrolling herself in Denver's Emily Griffith Institution of Vocation and Design, she was a working full time as a freelance artist. Her Education in fashion design helped mold the signature style Audrey's art carries today. at the dawn of 2009, Audrey moved to Los Angeles to expand her pool of opportunity. She, now, holds a curating position in Venice, California while she travels the United States with her art, doing, by majority, illustration, street vending and murals.
Mario Mancia

Mario Mancia has been teaching classes online for a private College for over 5 years now in the fields of Illustration, Audio Production, Video Production, and other multimedia courses. He started teaching students K-12 over 3 years ago in the areas of Mathematics, Language Arts, and general education. Mario is originally from Southern California and studied Information Technology and Visual Communications and graduated with highest honors when received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He is now pursuing a Masters Degree in the Design Field and is constantly challenging himself to learn the latest software and trends in the Multimedia industry. Aside from teaching Mario also has experience in Audio Engineering, Audio / Video Production, and Interactive Design. With a background in Radio Production, Mario had the privilege to produce and engineer on air radio programs where he got the honor to meet and work with talent in the Television and Radio industries. Mario Mancia's experience extends also as a Video Editor / Producer and has worked for contractual projects including working for a Government Contract company in which he was awarded recognition for setting the standard as a Video Editor from high ranking Military Officials in the Video Department. When Mario is not teaching he practices his hobbies which include painting, drawing, playing sports, and spending time with his family. Some of Mario's biggest inspirations are Gustav Klimt, Leonardo da Vinci, Diego Rivera, and Dali. Mario says he will continue to teach and create art and push himself to evolve his artistic skills.
Dave Wrathall
Dave the rainbow- Painting by the motto "Make art not War!", my goal has been to transform this fearful world, into a beautiful loving world through art. Very dedicated to painting, I have created over 400 paintings in the past 5 years! My artistic style has been Influenced by the works of Alex Grey, Vincent Van Gogh, and Claude Monet, but with a rainbow twist. The use of color in my paintings have dazzled audiences across Southern California. Art has the ability to change the world for the better, so I have chosen to make my life into art.
Alex Avila

Alex Avila, originally from San Antonio, is a self-taught artist who made his start in art five years ago around the time he moved to San Diego. He quickly fell in love with the city’s raw urban landscape, and its juxtaposition to the gritty harshness of the streets and the way in which it cavorted with the utopian illusion of archetypal sunny beaches that cast a semblance of the “tourist’s playground”. Alex Avila’s art is ironically showcased in the sense that it takes the spectator (the REAL tourist) and shows that the truth, beauty, and pulsating nerve of San Diego lies much deeper beyond the city as being a destination to witness jumping orcas, the zoo, and the beaches. He draws his inspiration from what he sees while riding the city’s public transit, walking the streets, and cycling through the various neighborhoods. The accoutrements of humanity’s darker sides are revealed using singular and sometimes dual, bold colors against the brushings that build the bones of that humanity: pain, love, loss, monotonous toil, survival, and the grind. Avila’s subject matter is rich in multi-cultural representations that stream through portraits as well as urban landscapes. His work is also wide-ranging in theme. An example of this is noted in his depiction of women: they are not only sensual, exotic beings, but they are also etherealized as matriarchal strongholds to their communities. Avila’s creative spectrum extends beyond the canvas to film. This emerging photographer captures the realism and aesthetic wonderment of the streets, and utilizes shadow and natural light to convey his arsenal of emotions.
Lorinda Gill

Lorinda Gill will be presenting her first works of art in public consisting of a combination of pastels and acrylics at the Venice Beach Music Festival. Creative endeavors in the past have included women's clothing and designing her own unique jewelry collection. She is presently attending Santa Monica College pursuing a degree in graphic design. Her long term goal is to create a positive, loving and colorful children's cartoon inspired by her two cats that are in love, Babydoll and Scooter.
Ukeim Ortiz
Ukeim Ortiz was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico in July of 1983 and grew up in San Diego, CA. At the age of 14 Ukeim started taking trips to New Jersey to visit family. Having such a big family has allowed Ukeim the opportunity to travel and photograph different subjects. Ukeim began taking photography seriously in 2001. Ukeim studied photography at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, but decided to leave after a year and half. Ukeim always knew that he liked to photograph people and loved journalism. However, his style wasn’t defined until he went to Puerto Rico in 2005 when his life as a photographer changed forever. On this trip Ukeim started his Journalistic Portraiture endeavors to document his roots. Little did Ukeim know this would be the beginning of him carving a niche for himself. During the winter of 2010 Ukeim was invited to display his photos at House of Elements in Barrio Logan for a group art show. This event caused Ukeim’s entrance into the San Diego art community. In 2011 Ukeim Ortiz met DJ Schugar of The Infusion Project at an art show in the HardRock Hotel. Since then Ukeim has become an integral part of The Infusion Project and has shown work at Stingaree and The Ivy Nightclub in San Diego. Ukeim now has a studio at Queen Bee’s Arts and Culture Center which has given him tremendous creative freedom. “I always admired journalistic fotos from the early days of photography; Black and White gritty fotos that had feeling to them. I always wondered what the photographer was thinking when they took those kind of photos.” Artist Statement: I spend about 5% (percent) of my time photographing people and the other 95% (percent) studying them. WEBSITE:
Anthony Guzman

Anthony Guzman, I'm a abstract and graffiti artist. I've being doing graffiti for 8 years, graffiti made me look at letters into shapes and things a little bit different. I jump into abstract 3 years ago, which I like a lot.Now I combined street art with modern urban art to have my own style and to try and show people what street art can do. I love mixing colors and shapes combining them with different approach to get something out of the ordinary.
Dustin Dishno and Tommy Rocksit

Dustin Dishno and my partner is Tommy Rocksit. I am a wood craftsman and Tommy Rocksit is a painter/artist that specializes in including airbrushing on his artwork. His style is very unique. We had a vision to bring quality handmade art decor to the home or business at an affordable price. We felt a lot of the handmade items on ETSY were lacking quality. We teamed up to make this dream a reality. We bounce ideas off of each other and then I cut the parts. We currently have surfboards, mustaches, and heart shapes. We have only been selling our art for about a week and started making this art decor 1 month ago. Any day now I will be posting my artwork on etsy. This adventure is in its infant stages although we do currently have about 30 pieces of art decor. Some of our pieces are 3/8" thick and will be spaced off of the wall. I will be making those 3/8" thinner surfboards into clocks. The thicker 5/8" surfboards get a hook on the bottom and have a easy to screw wedge mount that screws to the wall for strength. The hook is designed to hang a towel on in the bathroom. It also can be used as a hat or coat rack. I come from the very high end custom furniture and cabinetry trade. I take my experience from that industry and utilize it to make quality pieces that will last a lifetime. With my knowledge of woodwork and his amazing artistic talent we make an absolutely wonderful team. I cut all the pieces and sand them to a super smooth finish. I prime them white then tommy paints them anyway he wants. I then put a clear gloss on the pieces to seal them. I believe that we are offering art in a way you never see anymore. Most decor that is affordable is printed on a machine these days. Our hand painted/handmade in the USA functional art is one of a kind and every single piece is unique.

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