Venice Beach Music Fest
Willie Chambers

6 p.m. – WILLIE CHAMBERS - True to the spirit of “Time Has Come Today” (The Chambers Brothers’ perennially popular 1968 song that launched the four-sibling vocal ensemble to global superstardom), Willie Chambers continues to bring timeless energy and innovation, whether he’s playing rock-and-roll or the Mississippi gospel music that first inspired him and his siblings to write, record, and perform. In the years before The Chambers Brothers achieved household-name status—which came via a string of Big Apple appearances circa 1965 where they were introduced by Bob Dylan—they were a Southern church born-and-bred group that, like their West Coast contemporaries Sly and the Family Stone, shattered racial and musical divides to forge an incendiary fusion of soul, funk, gospel, blues, and rock. With his brother Joe, Willie Chambers co-wrote “Time Has Come Today,” an 11-minute psychedelic soul epic that has become a hallmark of the era and has been used on over 100 film and TV soundtracks, including Oliver Stone’s The Doors, Spike Lee’s Crooklyn, and Girl, Interrupted. The Chambers Brother’s additional global smashes “People Get Ready,” “Can’t Turn You Loose,” and “Love, Peace and Happiness,” remain classics today. Armed with the love, peace, and happiness he carries in his heart, Willie Chambers will continue his magnetic performances to do his part to convey the message to the world that we can live together as one. Venice Beach Music Fest 8 is proud to host Willie Chambers on the Ocean Stage in 2013!
Meet Me At The Pub

5 p.m. - Meet Me at the Pub - Soon after Meet Me at the Pub formed in Venice in 1999, the trio of Jeremy, Sully, and Jack soon built a rabid local fan base with the local surfers and skaters, throwing off-the-wall parties at their weekly shows at the Malibu Inn. But Meet Me At The Pub is not just your average party band—Jeremy’s satiric-but-real lyrics and energetic stage antics keep audiences entertained, amused, and dancing! In 2003, the band released their first major album, Monday Night, and with help from SurfRock Int., the band released their first Japan Import in 2006. They have toured the US, UK, and Japan, performing over 1500 shows in the past twelve years. The band’s third album, Tall Can Wednesday (2009), was produced by Lewis Richards (Slightly Stoopid, Sublime). Pub embodies the true sound and spirit of the Southern California style—a mixture of reggae, ska, punk, and melodic rock (with the occasional odd waltz thrown in just for fun). Meet Me At The Pub has shared the stage with Toots & The Maytals, Eek-a-Mouse, Fishbone, The Untouchables, Horny Toad, and many others. Any time Pub plays, it's a party, and everyone’s invited! Pub are multiple-year Venice Beach Music Fest veterans, and are welcomed back for another rockin’ set overlooking their friends surfing the Breakwater.

4 p.m. – LOONER – LOONER, a Los-Angeles based rock band, is the husband-and-wife songwriting team of Angel Roché, Jr. and Zoë Poledouris Roché. The couple seamlessly melds their disparate backgrounds of salsa, orchestral composition, jazz, pop, industrial, and reggae into a signature sound distinguishable by Zoë’s haunting vocals and Angel’s locomotive beats. Zoë, raised in Encino, is the daughter of the late renowned film composer Basil Poledouris, and boasts her own major motion picture songwriting, scoring, and acting credits. Angel, raised on the south side of Chicago, spent his childhood playing drums in his father’s 16-piece church salsa band. Since then, they have been composing and scoring for film, with Angel playing drums and percussion in Dave Navarro’s and Ziggy Marley’s bands. Avid composers and engineers, they have independently produced four albums: The First Five (2002), Follow the LOONER (2003), Rules (2004), and The Greatest Weakness (2006). In 2004, the duo joined the Roots Rock Reggae national tour. In 2009, they were joined by Damon Ramirez (Fungo Mungo, Oslo) on keyboard and synthesizer, and the band released the single “I Love My Tamagotchee” and its B-side, a hypnotic remake of the ’80s reggae hit, “Dutchie.” LOONER’s latest lineup includes Michelle Rangel (Go Betty Go) on bass and Yuichiro Asami on guitar, and they are currently releasing one single at a time from their latest album, Year of the Ox. The band’s performance at this year’s fest coincides with the release of the single “Runaway,” available on September 21 for free download (along with a bonus B-side) at . VBMF welcomes these festival veterans back to the Ocean Stage for another groundbreaking performance.

3 p.m. – THE FAMILYHOOD NEXTPERIENCE – Festival veterans The Familyhood Nextperience are back for another all-star set at VBMF8! Familyhood is a musical mélange of members of Fishbone, The Skeletones, and several special guests who combine for an all-improvised dub reggae, psychedelic AfroSoul, acid-washed Jamaican-ska dance party! The core band features bassist John Norwood Fisher and trumpet player “Dirty” Walt Kibby II (original members of Fishbone); current Fishbone members drummer John “Wet Daddy” Steward, trombonist Jay Armant, and guitarist Rocky George; as well as Skeletones members Kip Wirtzfield on tenor sax, and Paul Hampton on keyboards and percussion. The full production will feature guest vocalists Bronx Style Bob Khaleel, Israel Joseph (Bad Brains), and Neb Luv (Da 5 Footaz). The Familyhood Nextperience at VBMF8 will be a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration celebration that is not to be missed!
Ya Harissa Bellydance Theater

2:50 - Ya Harissa Bellydance Theatre – This Venice-based dance company performs a mix of different styles from traditional to cabaret. Ya Harissa are veterans of the Venice Beach Music Fest and are welcomed back on September 21 for another several intriguing dance sets in front of the Ocean Stage.
2 p.m. – Jet West - Hailing from sunny San Diego, Jet West is inspired by great waves, strong drinks, and tan women. This five-piece band formed in the fall of 2008, and their varied musical style fuses traditional rock with elements of reggae and hard rock—a sound borne from the beaches Southern California. In 2010, Jet West released their first full-length album, Dropping In, on their independent label, Hidden Reef Records, and a musical journey around the nation was spawned. The album was nominated in the San Diego Music Awards for best new World Music Album 2011. Jet West has shared the stage with Slightly Stoopid, RX Bandits, Authority Zero, The Aggrolites, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, and Seedless. Whether thumping from a car, hitting hard in some ear-buds, or blaring loudly to a massive energetic crowd, Jet West will introduce your ears to a unique blend of music that will put you in a good mood anywhere, anytime. VBMF is proud to welcome Jet West, who have been nominated for Best Rock Act in the 2013 San Diego Music Awards.
1 p.m. – Michael Jost - Guitar virtuoso, composer, producer, and mainstay on the Venice music scene, Michael Jost is back on the Ocean Stage in 2013 for another stellar performance. Beginning with a classical musical education in his native Germany, Michael has toured the globe, gathering influences as disparate as flamenco, funk, and psychedelia. His music is a journey through time periods and continents, and his guitar stylings travel through the many colors and emotions of the human experience. Michael is an original co-producer of the Venice Beach Music Fest, at which his band SugarBitch performed for many years. Michael’s other projects include Scunc (with vocalist Tovi Khali and multi-platinum drummer and producer Andy Kravitz) and former band Venus Pumping. Michael is also the co-founder of the Westminster Arts Club monthly gathering at Beyond Baroque. For his VBMF8 set, Michael will be joined by upright bassist Joey Maramba (JJ Cale, Rickie Lee Jones, Ninja Academy) and Andy Kravitz on drums. Michael’s performance at VBMF8 is bound to be an unforgettable experience!
ATS Bellydance and Drums

12:50 p.m. - ATS Bellydance and Drums - Also known as the Tribal Dance Jam Collective, ATS performs American Tribal Style dance, which embodies everything from folkloric-inspired dances to a fusion of ancient dance from North India, the Middle East, and Africa. Dancers in highly decorative costumes interact with each other while improvising a simple movement vocabulary with the same stylization among all members. Dancers come from all over Southern California for the troupe’s annual appearance at Venice Beach Music Fest, and we welcome them back on September 21!
Champa 51

12:10 p.m. – Champa 51 – Husband-and-wife team Marc and Andrea Blackbird are the founding members of the influential electronic dance music crossover band Champa 51. More than a decade ago, they pioneered the fusion of EDM with rock and soul, a sound that has now influenced the generation of musicians that followed in their footsteps following performances at Burning Man, X Games, Earthdance, Moontribe, and World Music Days festivals, just to name a few. The Blackbirds began performing on Sundays on the Venice boardwalk, and at underground parties across the Southland. Marc’s strong beats and intricate guitar work mixed with Andrea’s captivating vocal styling drew crowds from across musical and social spectra, and immediately had everyone dancing. That’s when Champa knew they were on to something. “When it stops being ‘this’ kind of person and ‘that’ kind of person in the audience and just becomes people digging the music, we really all can just get along,” says Marc. Champa 51 are VBMF veterans, and we are proud to welcome them back to do their thing once again on the Ocean Stage.
11:20 a.m. - Stevie Starlight - Stevie Starlight has been a young legend in L.A.'s Venice/Westside rock music scene for over 10 years, managing an incessant touring schedule and an impressive number of soundtrack credits. Stevie has performed at the Viper Room and most recently at the Lightning in a Bottle festival. His original rock-and-roll show is a locally loved fixture at the Whaler and he regularly jams with many musicians in his classic-rock influenced style that channels Bowie and Hendrix. This will be a monumental year for Stevie with the release of his second LP, and with tens of thousands of hits on Youtube, Myspace, and Facebook, Stevie's underground reputation as the “unknown superstar” is about to change! VBMF8 is proud to have Stevie Starlight (on vocals, guitar, and piano) opening the festivities on the Ocean Stage in 2013. Stevie will be joined by Ian Stone on drums and Joe Sax on bass.
11 a.m. - Samba da Mudança (Samba for Change) - The dancers make a grand entrance from the boardwalk to the front of the stage in Windward Plaza. Samba da Mudança was formed with a principal focus on sharing music, samba, and outreach through socially conscious events, and they perform throughout California as well as at weekly gigs at L.A. clubs and festivals. The troupe are veterans of the Venice Beach Music Fest and are welcomed back to shake things up on September 21!

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