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Lili Haydn - Rolling Stone called her music “fiery and virtuosic...” George Clinton called her "the Jimi Hendrix of the violin." Lili Haydn’s four critically acclaimed records have been a favorite on Public Radio, and featured in TV and film. She has collaborated with, and opened for everyone from Roger Waters, Herbie Hancock, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sting, and George Clinton's P-Funk All Stars to name a few. Lili is also a film composer, with ten feature films and documentaries to her scoring credit, a Film Composing Fellowship to the prestigious Sundance Film Institute, and numerous collaborations with renowned composers Hans Zimmer, and Harry Gregson-Williams, among others. A humanitarian and activist, Lili also performs regularly for various human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the Global Security Institute (for whom she recently performed a concert at the UN). twitter: @lilihaydn
Greg Douglass Band

GREG DOUGLASS BAND - Greg Douglass started playing guitar in 1968 and his band, Country Weather, shared the stage with Sly & The Family Stone, Santana, and others at the Fillmore and the Avalon Ballrooms in San Francisco. Greg went on to play and write with Van Morrison, Hot Tuna, Peter Rowan, Eddie Money, Tom Fogerty, and The Steve Miller Band (he co-wrote the #1 hit, “Jungle Love”). His guitar playing has contributed to five platinum albums, denoting the sale of 13 million units. Currently Greg tours with the Greg Douglass Band, The Monsters of Classic Rock, Deva Premal, and The Former Members (members of Country Joe & The Fish and the Blues Project). After having guested with Barry 'The Fish" Melton for Melton’s set at the recent Venice Spring Fling 2014, Douglass is back with his own band, which features Rose Cox on vocals and guitar, Hector Toro on drums and vocals, Joe Hastings on bass and vocals, and special guest Barry “The Fish" Melton! This will be a set to remember at Venice Beach Music Fest 10! Welcome, Greg Douglass Band!
Meet Me At The Pub

Meet Me at the Pub - Soon after Meet Me at the Pub formed in Venice in 1999, the trio of Jeremy, Sully, and Jack soon built a rabid local fan base with the local surfers and skaters, throwing off-the-wall parties at their weekly shows at the Malibu Inn. But Meet Me At The Pub is not just your average party band—Jeremy’s satiric-but-real lyrics and energetic stage antics keep audiences entertained, amused, and dancing! In 2003, the band released their first major album, Monday Night, and with help from SurfRock Int., the band released their first Japan Import in 2006. They have toured the US, UK, and Japan, performing over 1500 shows in the past twelve years. The band’s third album, Tall Can Wednesday (2009), was produced by Lewis Richards (Slightly Stoopid, Sublime). Pub embodies the true sound and spirit of the Southern California style—a mixture of reggae, ska, punk, and melodic rock (with the occasional odd waltz thrown in just for fun). Meet Me At The Pub has shared the stage with Toots & The Maytals, Eek-a-Mouse, Fishbone, The Untouchables, Horny Toad, and many others. Any time Pub plays, it's a party, and everyone’s invited! Pub are multiple-year Venice Beach Music Fest veterans, and are welcomed back for another rockin’ set overlooking their friends surfing the Breakwater.

Spiel: Every great band has a great bass player, but SPIEL has two great bass players - Jeffrey Dimmick from Golden Buddha & Joey Maramba from Ninja Academy / John Cale. Does that make SPIEL greater...Maybe. It sure seemed that way from the start with Michael Jost's Sugar- Bitchin guitars and The Aliens Barry Conley with his Out-Of-Control-Atron, and Billy (Look Ma, no feet) Stobo ( Golden Buddha) pounding out the drums. All the players had played with each other in different bands at different times. But the moment they all got together it was obvious that the links they had created as friends were creating a tantalizing free-form sound that seemed to carom off the mountains and fill clouds with air, yank signals from space and pound waves against shore. And it happily surprised them all into thinking that they could just band together...have fun and PLAY....
ArtQueen - Wild & Crazy
This is the second year that ArtQueen is on tour with her entourage from Sweden and the concept 'Art & Fashion'. New for this year is that the dressmakers and artists have been working with recycling, like copper, metal and fabrics. To make the show even more spectacular the band Black Diamond got invited by the Queen after a meeting at Sweden Rock Festival in 2014. With exciting designs from the most fantastic dressmakers and artists, theatrical performances from the models and catchy live music from Black Diamond, Venice Beach feels like the right place to be and "Go Wild and Crazy!"
Ann Cohen

Ann Cohen will be reading from the San Francisco Oracle in honor of ALLEN COHEN: The summer of 1966 people began to attend a series of meetings to discuss starting a newspaper. These poets’, artists envisioned a revolution of love and peace starting in the Haight and engulfing the whole planet. The San Francisco Oracle emerged. The papers theme of reference was based on: Visions, Quests and solutions. The San Francisco Oracle was the street paper that originated with a dream from Allen Cohen. “One morning in the late spring of 1966 I dreamt that I was flying around the world,. When I looked down, I saw people reading a newspaper with rainbow printed on it – Paris at the Eiffel Tower, in Moscow at Red Square, on Broadway in New York, at the Great Wall of China – everywhere. A rainbow newspaper!” With the help of the community The San Francisco Oracle became a reality. Looking at the Oracle could be a sort of occult trance experience communicated across the dimensions of space and time, through the tabloid medium, from one explorer of inner worlds to another. The Oracle distribution was as far west as New Zealand, India and Vietnam (The Oracle received Vietnamese marijuana from soldiers in return) and as far east as Prague and Moscow hidden in the bottom of boxes of second-hand clothing. An Oracle meeting included everyone- editorial and art staff, secretaries, circulation and business people, invited guests and anyone who happened in the door. We felt that if the flow brought a person then, they were meant to be there. Therefore they were allowed to vote on what ever issue was being decided. We thought of these guests and drop-ins as representatives of the rest of the world. The Oracle talked about taking care of ones body and ones planet. These Oracle beliefs have proven to be necessary to continue life on this planet. Ann will be reading from the Oracle in honor of Allen Coehn and the BEAT generation who provided a foundation that the Venice Beach Music Fest has continued to build upon with our free annual celebrations of the arts.
Ya Harissa Bellydance Theater

Ya harissa Bellydance Theatre - This Venice-based dance company performs a mix of different styles from traditional to cabaret. The ladies of Ya Harissa are veterans of the Venice Spring Fling and are welcomed back for several more intriguing dance sets in front of the Ocean Stage for the 10th annual Venice Beach Music Fest.
Jah Faith And The Hashishans

JAH FAITH AND THE HASHISHANS –The Hashishans’ gritty and soulful sound has earned them respect as one of California’s fastest growing reggae bands. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Jah Faith is one of Los Angeles’ most notable reggae performers, known for his hit video “Bun a One” and his residency at the internationally celebrated Dub Club. Jah Faith joined with the Hashishans in El Monte, California, in 2012, and they have since been committed to spreading the Rastafarian movement through uplifting, conscious music and lively performances. They have performed live on KSPC’s reggae radio show (hosted by Junior Francis), and on stage with Israel Vibration, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Inner Circle, Don Carlos, and many more. This year, the Hashishans are celebrating the release of their first EP, Hashishans 2014 Bootlegs, a compilation of several recording sessions with various Los Angeles producers. VBMF10 welcomes Jah Faith and the Hashishans back to the Ocean Stage!
Jojo Stella

Jojo Stella is a Psychedelic-Melt your face Rock n' SOUL outfit with elements of Jazz-Funk and Improvisation. Formed February 27, 2014; They're like a cult film, or your favorite kind of gum. The ensemble currently holds a Studio EP tracked LIVE at Little Elephant Recording, and their first Full length is underway. After making a name for themselves performing in the Midwest and earning a slot as a preferred act of the Merry Pranksters for their gatherings in the past year, this will be their first appearance on stage in California. JoJo Stella consists of the musical talents of Dan Konold - Drums & Cymbals, Christopher Lee Metchis - Vocals/ guitar ,and David Morris – Bass. You will not want to miss the opening set by this amazing power trio at Venice Beach Music Fest 10
Samba Da Mudanca

Samba Da Mudança (Samba for Change) – The festival begins with a samba drum and dance parade down Ocean Front Walk and onto the festival site, and festival participants are encouraged to participate in the dancing in front of the stage. “Mudança” is Portuguese for “Change”! Samba da Mudança performs throughout California, at L.A. venues like the Hollywood Bowl and Club Nokia, and anywhere the group can help raise awareness for positive, environmental, and progressive events. Come share and celebrate group drumming and dancing in a fun and supportive environment—come Samba for positive change in the world! Venice Beach Music Fest 10 welcomes back Samba da Mudanca for another fun performance.
Venice Beach Music Fest 2015

More Musicians, Dancers, and Authors to be announced

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