Venice Beach Music Fest
Audrey McNamara

Audrey McNamara: Born in Denver, Colorado, in the summer of 1982, Audrey McNamara showed signs of a talent for art at a very young age. As a child, drawing was pure play for Audrey and she spent many hours up at her drawing table, tool in hand. During her teenage years the artist nonchalantly won school awards and baffled her instructors, but she cared little for school and, as soon as Audrey could leave the confines of formal education, she did. In 2003, Audrey had her first solo art exhibition at Mutiny Now Gallery in Denver. Many more shows were to follow as she tirelessly pursued her path up the ranks of showing her art in bookstores and coffeeshops, and doing menial jobs such as interior painting and technical sketches to pay the way. By the time Audrey was enrolling herself in Denver's Emily Griffith Institution of Vocation and Design, she was a working full time as a freelance artist. Her education in fashion design helped mold the signature style Audrey's art carries today. At the dawn of 2009, Audrey moved to Los Angeles to expand her pool of opportunity. She now holds a curating position in Venice, California, while she travels the United States with her art, doing illustration, street vending, and murals.
art by sky
art by sky: “Painting is an expression of my connection to the universe, the present moment, and all that is. My paintings express my love of nature, beauty, light, and color. Painting is where I give thanks for all the beauty, joy, and abundance of the universe. I believe in a world of joy, peace, love, and good will to all beings. Painting gives this world focus for me. It is my hope and belief that this joy and love is transferred to all who see my paintings. May they touch the light in you! EN-JOY.”
Ra Ra SuperStar

RaRa SuperStar: “Most people want to know how I started to paint… I was in New York, trying to find myself. I was sleeping on the Brooklyn Bridge with my drum and my suitcase and I met an artist named Pep. I spent 7 nights on the bridge. People would come and bring me food and drinks and all kinds of kind gestures. Even the people who sold fruits and cakes in Manhattan three times/week saw me living on the bridge and they all gave me free food. I would drum all day and only leave the bridge to eat and use the restroom. I got to know the joggers, tourists, and the people who commuted every morning. They would see me still asleep with my drum in my arms, on the bench. It was hard, but I birthed myself and in my darkest moment, Pep showed up and offered me a night at his house to rest and eat; I went. I was amazed from the moment I walked in his house. He painted on all the walls and there were nudes hanging on the walls everywhere. He lived with his agent who sold his art to his buddies he worked with on Wall Street. It was a flash, and I wanted to be an artist from that moment on. I called a friend to wire me money for a bus ticket, and then I went to Detroit and hit the lottery. My daughter and I bought art supplies and painted my first picture together.” Since then, RaRa has been selling Art on Venice beach for 14 years. He is now a true art superstar, regularly traveling to residencies in Japan, Holland, Italy, Jamaica, Africa, New York City, Miami, and elsewhere.
Brian Mylius

Brian Mylius: Brian Mylius is the resident artist at 20 Westminster Avenue, otherwise known as “The Bordello.” He has been selling art in Venice for almost fifteen years and is recognized internationally. Brian’s art is a curious mix of surrealism and modern realism, and his main subjects are aircraft and otherworldly realms. Brian is a founder of the Westminster Arts Club, a monthly art show and musical performance at Beyond Baroque.
Paula Celzo: “I act upon my curiosity about things, which includes culture, arts, people, colors, and places. That’s one of the reasons why I like experimenting; I always seek new experiences and adventures. I am currently a graphic designer and a surf instructor. Years from now, I see myself being engaged with colors.”
Steve Bevilacqua (author): Local author Steve Bevilacqua will be signing copies of his book, Kafka at the Beach: A Layman's Handbook for Those Falsely Accused of Felonies. The book tells the true story of a Venice hit-and-run accident that snowballs into a year-long legal ordeal with false charges, mandatory prison sentences, and court-ordered therapy, which is finally resolved in the most unlikely of places: on national TV, at the hands of our modern-day Solomon, Judge Judy. Bevilacqua’s book is a must-read: a shocking-yet-hilarious tour of America’s justice systems, both real and televised. Come get your signed copy at Venice Beach Music Fest 9!
Brandy Orvis: The artist’s perspective on her multi-media series, ‘The Show Must Go On’ (oil, acrylic, charcoal, paper, lots of soul): “Being a woman dominated by a masculine society, [I ask], Where do I fit in? We wear masks and perform in a male-dominated world. Sex sells. No matter how we feel, we wear our masks and continue day to day, performing. The girls start in chalk and even some stay in that natural element while the ladies painted in man-made acrylic move to the front, in the spotlight. Being curvy and natural doesn’t fit the standard, or sell. Breaking out of the masculine box…becoming the feminine: the mother, lover, caregiver, healer. Parallelism, mirrored glances; we see each other the way we feel and think about ourselves, as we are all connected. We are each other. Multi-dimensional beings, existing in the same space, completely unaware of the other dimension or of each other. Seeing women as who they are, rather than what you think they should be. A celebration of women, by a woman. From my own view: loving myself, loving you. We are each other. One.”
Sohail Coelho
Having been based in NYC for the past 16 years, I am now a proud new resident of Santa Monica (just a few blocks from Rose Ave in Venice) and am looking forward to being influenced by the art and people of the neighborhood. Starry Rabbit is my online gallery and store of my work. My mission is to reflect the beauty of the world to the world itself. My work centers around travel photography as a celebration of the world but done in an interesting way - I blend images together, sometimes mixing with my painting and then print on aluminum. It's done in a unique way where the aluminum grain shows through the image. What I'd like to show at the Venice Beach Music festival: Selections from two series. 1) Felt Experience - - a series of art celebrating Vietnam, Laos and Japan. My most notable work - which includes the 2 JPEGS attached - Bamboo Fisherman and Long Bien Bridge. All printed on aluminum 2) REINVENT - - a series of art supporting human reinvention. Wood plaques to be used as encouragement or reminders during a personal reinvention process. This is linked to me other work as a healer and teacher of conscious living.

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