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Performing at 6 PM on September 8, 2012! With over 1.5 million downloads, the Grammy nominated rock band Gov’t Mule is legendary, and now two of its members have formed a new venture: POA. Each player highly accredited in his own right, POA combines three powerful and extraordinary musicians: Gov’t Mule’s renowned drummer Matt Abts, bassist Jorgen Carlsson, also of Gov’t Mule, and guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist T-Bone Andersson. In June 2011, POA performed their much anticipated début show in Los Angeles and released an advance copy, limited edition CD recorded by acclaimed British engineer Steve Holroyd. Matt Abts began his career in Panama. He moved to the USA and performed with numerous musicians including Dickey Betts and Chuck Leavell, The Allman Brothers and Blue Floyd. In 1994 he joined Warren Haynes and Allen Woody (of The Allman Brothers) to form Gov’t Mule. To date, Abts has worked with many of the highest caliber of musicians, including 26 of the world’s most respected bassists, each featured on Gov’t Mule’s albums “The Deep End” Volume 1 and 2. Abts’ exceptional talent, stunning solos and legendary performances have earned him a reputation as one of the most talented drummers in the world, and he has received numerous drummer awards including a 2003 Grammy nomination for Sco-Mule, and two #1 Drummer Awards from “Drum! Magazine”. Swedish musician Jorgen Carlsson relocated to Los Angeles in the early 90’s and was soon established as a highly sought-after session musician and performer. His innovative and unique style enabled him to fill the role that bassist Allen Woody had played in Gov’t Mule before his passing, and in 2008, he became an official member of Gov’t Mule. Carlsson’s spontaneous collaborations in the studio inspired Gov’t Mule’s first studio album in over three years. Carlsson and Steve Holroyd co-own and operate Roger’s Boat Studios, where the entire POA CD was recorded analog on a Studer 820. Guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist T-Bone Andersson was born and raised in Sweden. After touring extensively in Europe, T-Bone moved to the USA. He continued touring in America and has performed with various artists, and as a guest performer with Gov’t Mule. T-Bone also performed the guitar work on the computer/video game “Quake III Arena”, which has sold over ten million units. T-Bone met Carlsson in the 90’s and they worked together frequently before joining forces in POA. Steve Holroyd has worked with musical icons from every genre. He began his engineering career at the legendary Marquee Studios in London working with artists such as Elton John and producer Gus Dudgeon. After relocating to Los Angeles, Holroyd spent nine years as an engineer at Ocean Way Recording, “the world’s most awarded studio complex”, after which he was Director of Operations and chief engineer at Cello Studios. His engineering credits are extensive, including several collaborations with legendary producer Glyn Johns.
Lili Haydn
Performing at 5 PM! LILI HAYDN - ~Rolling Stone called her music “fiery and virtuosic...” George Clinton called her "the Jimi Hendrix of the violin." Lili Haydn has released four critically acclaimed major label recordings as a solo artist. Lili (Atlantic Records), Light Blue Sun (BMG Music), Goodbye Stranger EP (Nettwerk Music Group), and Place Between Places (Nettwerk Music Group). She has played with, sung with, and opened for everyone from Roger Waters, Herbie Hancock, Sting, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Josh Groban, Seal, Cyndi Lauper, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and George Clinton's P-Funk All Stars to name a few. Both as a solo artist and as support, Lili has toured the world and performed in premiere concert halls such as Carnegie Hall, the Vienna Opera House and the Hollywood Bowl. Her last cd, “Place Between Places,” was a favorite on NPR, and Lili performed the single "Strawberry Street" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the HBO hit Californication. Lili’s forthcoming CD, LILI-LAND, is a blend of quirky pop hooks, heartfelt melody, and raw grooves, unified by her unique brand of violin virtuosity, nakedly honest vocals, and poignant lyrics that reflect her passion for social justice and personal soul searching. In addition to Lili's extensive recording and touring career, Lili’s music has been licensed for TV, film, and commercials, and she is the featured voice and violin on several films with Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean 3 & 4), among many others. Lili is also a film composer in her own right, with six feature films to her scoring credit, Additional Music credits on several films, and a Film Composing Fellowship to the prestigious Sundance Film Institute. Her film credits include Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, (2011), Somewhere Between (2012), and the award winning film The Horse Boy (2009), among others. A humanitarian and activist, Lili also performs regularly for various human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, the Global Security Institute (for whom she recently performed a concert at the UN). Above all, Lili believes that music has the power to uplift and heal, and she’s very excited to share her new music with the world.
Spiders and Witches
Spiders & Witches - Performing at 4PM - an eclectic new & wild blend of musical extravaganza founded by guitarist & composer Michael Jost multi platinum drummer & producer Andy Kravitz in Venice, California 2012... accompanied by Jeff Smith on Bass Maddy D. on Sax, Flute & Keys there will be an ever changing line up of guest percussionist etc.... expect a musical journey taking you on a ride through time & space debut album to be recorded in July 2012. this accomplished group of musicians getting inspired by each other resulting in something you never heard quite like that.
Insects vs Robots
Performing at 3 PM! Insects vs Robots is a sextet of percussion, strings, vocals and electronic wizardry: Milo Gonzalez on the guitar and Nikita Sorokin on violin both earned their masters in shredding at Harvard, Yale and have probably shaken hands with a good number of important people. Micah Nelson, percussionist extraordinaire, professional charango diddler, and vocalist has also shaken some hands. Tony "Grandma" Peluso is 97 years old and still plays the drums with both legs! Father Fejj alias Jeff Smith, founder of The United Jams Foundation, lays down the heavy bass grooves. And Maggie Lally, lead vocalist, is a clairvoyant for the spirit, Juju. Since forming in a Venice garage in 2007, audience members have claimed to have experienced past life revelations, spasmodic seizures, spontaneous group hugs, and a good time rolling on the floor at IvR's live performances, so, caution be noted and please wear your dancing shoes.
Ya Harissa Bellydance Theater

Dancing at 2:40 - Ya Harissa Bellydance Theater, is one of the most exciting Middle Eastern dance companies in Southern California. It’s repertory merges the ethnic and folkloric traditions of the Middle East and North Africa with a strong theatrical flair using traditional music, dramatic costumes and distinctive choreographies. Directed by Amaya Mattei, and based in Venice with a company of 15 talented dancers Ya Harissa transports it’s audiences to other times and places.
Dylan Chambers and The Midnight Transit
Performing at 2PM! Dylan is the son of the legendary Lester Chambers, the lead singer and front man of The Chambers Brothers, individually playing all over the U.S. from the House of Blues and the Roxy in Hollywood, to performing at the Lincoln Center in New York City. Recently Midnight Transit played at 'West Fest' the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock to over 70,000 people WE LOVE TO GET FUNKY... WE HAVE A WHOLE LOTTA SOUL. RAISED UP TO GET DOWN... BORN TO ROCK N' ROLL!!!
Dance Hall Pimps
Performing at 1 PM! Dance Hall Pimps are a 6-piece genre-bending show band that play upbeat originals ranging from garage rock with a haunted swamp vibe to soulful and bluesy New Orleans-inspired rags and romps. They take a basic rock trio of guitars and drums and add organ, banjo, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, and flute to create a good time dance hall rock show that is both rootsy and original. Their debut LP 'Beast for Love' was released on Lakeshore Records last March to critical acclaim. Colossal Pop says Beast for Love is "One of the most interesting, best executed, and totally refreshing albums of 2012!" Of the Dance Hall Pimps, Marc Maron on the WTF Podcast with Marc Maron said "They jam, they do it, they rock!"
ATS Bellydance and Drums

Dancing at 12:45 - ATS Bellydance and Drums" are urban nomads traveling from the local area and along the California silk road from as far as San Luis Obispo, the Antelope Valley, the Inland Empire, and Orange County for one day at the Venice Beach Music Fest on Aug 13, 2011. In the bellydance community, they are known as the TDJ Collective. The common thread among the performers is the weave of a dance vocabulary known as American Tribal Style (ATS) created in San Francisco, folkloric tribal costuming, and the sounds Middle Eastern rhythms--blending the old with the new.
Starting at Noon! - CUBENSIS brings the Grateful Dead concert experience back to life. Drawing from all eras of the Dead, the band performs a three-hour set of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band classics that retains all the spontaneous exploratory jamming for which the bands were reknown. However, the music produced is uniquely Cubensis. The group has been acclaimed for giving new life to the Grateful Dead’s material, bringing in new styles, new innovations, and new jam band enthusiasts, while at the same time remaining loyal to the original music and the original fans. With Cubensis, the band is more likely to go off and do a little exploration on its own terms, which is a more authentic experience than trying too hard to re-create something that was done a long time ago by people who invented it. Here, you won’t find the band wearing wigs and fake beards to re-create the Dead experience, unlike Beatlemania. “We don’t strive to play Dead tunes note-for-note,” explains Cubensis guitarist Craig Marshall. “We use the music as a skeleton, and then we flesh it out with our own improvisations. The Dead did that every time they played, and we find it to be a perfect model for our shows. The fans agree. They love hearing Cubensis-flavored Dead.” The group is drawing national attention with their true-to-life performances. LA Weekly recently raved, "Cubensis plays with the same laid-back mastery as the real McCoy." The LA Times declared, "As the tribute to one of the ultimate jam bands, their set lists are as free and frollicky as the crowd." Big Brother skateboard magazine says Cubensis is "the nation’s premiere Dead tribute" and the OC Weekly declared them "the hottest Grateful Dead tribute act going." OC Register affirmed Cubensis was "the best place to channel Jerry Garcia" and AOL Citybeat stated, “Cubensis is renkown for whipping its faithful crowd into a swirling, psychedelic mass for three hours straight.” Cubensis has been pleased to find their most enthusiastic supporters are those who never got a chance to see the Grateful Dead in person, and wonder what they missed. Seasoned “Deadheads” come out to relive the great shows gone by, and as a result, the band is in great demand, performing over 150 shows a year throughout the Southwest. Cubensis was given specific permission by Jerry Garcia to perform the Dead's music. Garcia's only request was "do a good job of it." Ever since, CUBENSIS has promised authenticity and delivers pure Grateful Dead-inspired music like it was meant to be heard, keeping the Dead alive and re-creating the magic one show at a time. Don't miss it!
Samba Da Mudança
11:40 AM! - Samba Da Mudança - Samba School. Created to share the joy of Samba Drumming and Dance for positive change and musical expression! An open samba school with a focus on performing at outdoor festivals, parades, environmental and progressive events. Bringing positive change and energy through the power of music!
Kicking off the Festival at 11 Am Sharp. Champa 51 makes music that skillfully fuses - Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, and Funk - into organic dance music with the raw power of a live band and the groove conscience of the great DJs. The dance-rock band’s work has served up “Seductive hip-hop grooves and soulful textures” – Music Connection. Led by multi–instrumentalist / producer Marc Blackbird and singer Andrea Blackbird, it all started by playing on Sundays at The Venice Beach Boardwalk and at underground parties. They drew crowds from across the music and social spectrum. The mix of musical styles had everyone dancing. “We knew we were on to something special, cause when it stops being “this” kind of person and “that” kind of person in the audience and just becomes people digging the music, we all can just get along.” said Marc. Champa 51 makes music that you can shake your thing with groovingly and nod your head with knowingly….

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