Venice Beach Music Fest 2016. An Afternoon of Music and Art on Venice Beach

Generic placeholder imageWillie Chambers

WILLIE CHAMBERS - True to the spirit of “Time Has Come Today” (The Chambers Brothers’ perennially popular 1968 song that launched the four-sibling vocal ensemble to global superstardom), Willie Chambers continues to bring timeless energy and innovation, whether he’s playing rock-and-roll or the Mississippi gospel music that first inspired him and his siblings to write, record, and perform. In the years before The Chambers Brothers achieved household-name status—which came via a string of Big Apple appearances circa 1965 where they were introduced by Bob Dylan—they were a Southern church born-and-bred group that, like their West Coast contemporaries Sly and the Family Stone, shattered racial and musical divides to forge an incendiary fusion of soul, funk, gospel, blues, and rock. With his brother Joe, Willie Chambers co-wrote “Time Has Come Today,” an 11-minute psychedelic soul epic that has become a hallmark of the era and has been used on over 100 film and TV soundtracks, including Oliver Stone’s The Doors, Spike Lee’s Crooklyn, and Girl, Interrupted. The Chambers Brother’s additional global smashes “People Get Ready,” “Can’t Turn You Loose,” and “Love, Peace and Happiness,” remain classics today. Armed with the love, peace, and happiness he carries in his heart, Willie Chambers will continue his magnetic performances to do his part to convey the message to the world that we can live together as one. Venice Beach Music Fest 11 is proud to host Willie Chambers on the Ocean Stage again in 2016!

Generic placeholder imageBarry The Fish Melton with Banana, Peter Albin, Roy Blumenfeld and Greg Douglass

Barry “The Fish” Melton with Special Guests – Venice Beach Music Fest 11 is proud to welcome back Barry “The Fish” Melton (of Country Joe and the Fish) featuring: Banana, Roy Blumenfeld (Blues Project), Greg Douglass (The Steve Miller Band, Van Morrison), Peter Albin, and Greg Douglass:

Barry “The Fish” Melton - In 1965, Melton and “Country Joe” MacDonald began playing music at Berkeley protests against the Vietnam War. Soon they were recording and touring as Country Joe and the Fish, performing at the ballrooms of San Francisco in the psychedelic music scene, and by 1969 had performed their classic antiwar anthem, “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’ to Die Rag,” at the Woodstock and Monterey Pop festivals. Since then, Melton has had an active career as both a musician and lawyer! He played guitar and sang in The Dinosaurs, a band of ’60s veterans that included Peter Albin of Big Brother and the Holding Company, John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service, Spencer Dryden of Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter, David LaFlamme of It's a Beautiful Day, Jerry Miller of Moby Grape, and the incomparable Merl Saunders on keyboards. Melton, a veteran of the Venice Spring Fling, is a longtime fan of Venice. “I remember going there as a kid to see the King of the Beat Generation, ‘Big Daddy’ Nord,” says Melton. “Venice was the center of the counterculture in the late ’50s and early ’60s, and it has maintained a continuing counterculture tradition. I am delighted to be playing the Spring Fling!”

Roy Blumenfeld - Original member of the Blues Project in 1966 performing regularly in New York. Over the years, Roy has played with Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, Paul Butterfield, Elvin Bishop, and Carlos Santana to name a few.

Greg Douglass started playing in 1968 and his band, Country Weather, shared the stage with Sly & The Family Stone, Santana, and others at the Fillmore and the Avalon Ballrooms. Greg went on to play and write with Van Morrison, Hot Tuna, The Steve Miller Band (co-wrote the #1 song “Jungle Love”), Peter Rowan, Eddie Money, Tom Fogerty. Currently Greg tours with the Greg Douglass Band, The Monsters of Classic Rock, Deva Premal, and The Former Members, members of Country Joe & The Fish and the Blues Project.

Banana: Lowell Levinger, aka “Banana,” is a founding member of The Youngbloods, and the original “Hippie From Olema.” Since the Youngbloods disbanded in 1973, Banana has recorded five solo albums with sterling songs that delve into the roots that formed his musical landscape. From down-n-dirty blues to rollicking good times, Banana presents a varied palette of colorful stories paired with irresistible melodies and rhythms. His vocals deliver sincerity, warmth, and humor, and are solidly supported by engaging instrumental arrangements. Banana utilizes many gems from his collection of vintage acoustic instruments to fully accentuate his style. He has recorded and toured with many musicians over the years, including Mimi Farina and Zero (with Steve Kimock and John Cippolina).

Generic placeholder imageCubensis

Very excited to have Cubensis returning to the Ocean Stage on August 26, 2017.

Generic placeholder imageCubensis
Since 1987, Los Angeles-based band CUBENSIS has carried the torch in celebration of one of America’s most beloved touring bands, the Grateful Dead. CUBENSIS brings the Grateful Dead concert experience back to life. Drawing from all eras of the Dead, the band performs full sets of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band classics that retain all the spontaneous exploratory jamming for which the bands were renown. However, the music produced is uniquely Cubensis. The group has been acclaimed for giving new life to the Grateful Dead’s material, bringing in new styles, new innovations, and new jam band enthusiasts, while at the same time remaining loyal to the original music and the original fans.

Generic placeholder imageMeet Me at the Pub

MEET ME AT THE PUB - Soon after Meet Me at the Pub formed in Venice in 1999, the trio of Jeremy, Sully, and Jack soon built a rabid local fan base with the local surfers and skaters, throwing off-the-wall parties at their weekly shows at the Malibu Inn. But Meet Me At The Pub is not just your average party band; Jeremy’s satiric-but-real lyrics and energetic stage antics keep audiences entertained, amused, and dancing! In 2003, the band released their first major album, Monday Night, and with help from SurfRock Int., the band released their first Japan Import in 2006. They have toured the US, UK, and Japan, performing over 1500 shows in the past twelve years. The band’s third album, Tall Can Wednesday (2009), was produced by Lewis Richards (Slightly Stoopid, Sublime). Pub embodies the true sound and spirit of the Southern California style—a mixture of reggae, ska, punk, and melodic rock (with the occasional odd waltz thrown in just for fun). Meet Me At The Pub has shared the stage with Toots & The Maytals, Eek-a-Mouse, Fishbone, The Untouchables, Horny Toad, and many others. Any time Pub plays, it's a party, and everyone’s invited! Welcome back to festival veterans Meet Me at the Pub!

Generic placeholder imageJah Faith and The Royal Lineage Band

Jah Faith and The Royal Lineage Band was founded by Jah Faith in 2001 and featured the new and rising reggae talent in Los Angeles and enjoyed local success opening for major reggae acts passing through the area. After a short hiatus, the Royal Lineage has been reformed by Jah Faith, once again utilizing the great pool of local reggae talent. They have recently shared the stage with major reggae acts such as The Meditations and Mykal Rose as well packing local venues such as La Cita in downtown LA. The Royal Lineage Band is ready to reclaim its place in the local reggae scene.

Generic placeholder imageAnn Cohen

Ann Cohen will be reading from the San Francisco Oracle in honor of ALLEN COHEN: The summer of 1966 people began to attend a series of meetings to discuss starting a newspaper. These poets’, artists envisioned a revolution of love and peace starting in the Haight and engulfing the whole planet. The San Francisco Oracle emerged. The papers theme of reference was based on: Visions, Quests and solutions. The San Francisco Oracle was the street paper that originated with a dream from Allen Cohen. “One morning in the late spring of 1966 I dreamt that I was flying around the world,. When I looked down, I saw people reading a newspaper with rainbow printed on it – Paris at the Eiffel Tower, in Moscow at Red Square, on Broadway in New York, at the Great Wall of China – everywhere. A rainbow newspaper!” With the help of the community The San Francisco Oracle became a reality. Looking at the Oracle could be a sort of occult trance experience communicated across the dimensions of space and time, through the tabloid medium, from one explorer of inner worlds to another. The Oracle distribution was as far west as New Zealand, India and Vietnam (The Oracle received Vietnamese marijuana from soldiers in return) and as far east as Prague and Moscow hidden in the bottom of boxes of second-hand clothing. An Oracle meeting included everyone- editorial and art staff, secretaries, circulation and business people, invited guests and anyone who happened in the door. We felt that if the flow brought a person then, they were meant to be there. Therefore they were allowed to vote on what ever issue was being decided. We thought of these guests and drop-ins as representatives of the rest of the world. The Oracle talked about taking care of ones body and ones planet. These Oracle beliefs have proven to be necessary to continue life on this planet. Ann will be reading from the Oracle in honor of Allen Coehn and the BEAT generation who provided a foundation that the Venice Beach Music Fest has continued to build upon with our free annual celebrations of the arts.

Generic placeholder imageYa Harissa Bellydance Theater

Ya Harissa Bellydance Theatre has confirmed 2 performances on Aug 27 2016 at Venice Beach Music Fest 11 - This Venice-based dance company performs a mix of different styles from traditional to cabaret. The ladies of Ya Harissa are veterans of the Venice Beach Music Fest and are welcomed back for several more intriguing dance sets in front of the Ocean Stage.

Generic placeholder imageJames Booth

James is the founder and lead guitarist of the psychedelic band The Spirtles. His mind was opened by the Pranksters when he was in high school, and his life has been forever influenced by this culture. James is honored to be part of this festival. Photo used with permission by Don Aters.

Generic placeholder imageSamba Da Mudanca

Samba Da Mudança (Samba for Change) – The festival begins with Samba drum and dance. Festival participants are encouraged to participate in the dancing in front of the stage. “Mudança” is Portuguese for “Change”! Samba da Mudança performs throughout California, at L.A. venues like the Hollywood Bowl and Club Nokia, and anywhere the group can help raise awareness for positive, environmental, and progressive events. Come share and celebrate group drumming and dancing in a fun and supportive environment—come Samba for positive change in the world! Venice Beach Music Fest 11 welcomes back Samba da Mudanca for another fun performance.